Top 5 reasons why ONTAB Credit is the right product to help you improve your financial future...

Reason 1:

No transfer fees.

You can apply without worrying about transfer fees. Or set up fees. Or the many fees you might have come across in your previous banking experience.

Reason 2:

Fixed term rates for up to 24 months.

Choose to repay your loans over a 6, 12, 18 or 24 month term. You are in control of how quickly you want to pay off your loan.

Reason 3:

Keep your Credit Cards.

ONTAB Credit helps you pay off your high interest credit cards without the need to cancel them or lose your reward points.

Reason 4:

Improve your credit score.*

We do not conduct hard checks on loans under $10,000. Therefore, the loan amount on your credit report will decrease over time as you make your payments.

Reason 5:


You are more than just a number at ONTAB. 

Our products are created with you, our user, in mind. We are constantly updating and improving our platforms and user experience based on your feedback.

we want to hear from you!