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Criminal background checks in Canada are searches of an individual’s active criminal files, for indictable offences where the candidate did not receive a record suspension, using the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records. These searches are based on an individual’s name and date-of-birth.

An individual must provide a reason for their background check; as well as their name, address, sex, date of birth, phone number and birth country. Candidates must also declare whether they have a previous Criminal Record or not. Ontab requires an email address to provide the requested background check results in a fast and secure manner.

A Basic background check only includes the RCMP’s National Repository of Criminal Records and the CPIC. An enhanced background check also includes records from the Police Information Portal (PIP).

A Basic Background check reports criminal activities that have not been pardoned, discharged or sealed by record suspension. In addition to the information reported in a Basic Background check, an Enhanced Background check also reports convictions that have not yet been populated into the National Repository of Criminal Records, Summary convictions within the past 5 years, outstanding warrants, pending charges before the courts, and relevant and releasable discharge.

Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) provides information about crimes and criminals. It’s the only national information-sharing system that links criminal justice and law enforcement partners across Canada and internationally.

The RCMP manages the CPIC website on behalf of the Canadian law enforcement community using the National Repository of Criminal Records.

There are three types of offences in Canada: A Summary, an Indictable and a Hybrid offence.

A Summary Offence is the least serious and includes minor offences such as threatening phone calls or disturbance of the peace. The punishment for a Summary Offence ranges from 6 months in jail to a $5000 fine.

An Indictable Offence is the most serious type of offence and includes charges such as violent crime. The punishment for an Indictable offence depends on the crime and can be as severe as life in prison.

A Hybrid Offence is an offence that can be treated as either a Summary Offence or Indictable Offence, based on the seriousness of the crime. These include assault, theft under $5000, and impaired driving. The Crown Counsel makes a decision taking into account factors such as the criminal history of the accused, the court’s workload, and availability of evidence. 

ONTAB Verify provides enhanced background checks, also known as Police Information Check, or a Level 2 check.

A Vulnerable sector check includes all the same information included in an Enhanced Background as well as a search of the National Pardoned Sex Offender database.

ONTAB does not at this time provide a VSC. Please visit your nearest Police station to request further information.




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