The number of companies that require police criminal record checks is increasing. This is because more and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of background checks for their new employees. Here we mention 4 reasons why employers must include background checks in their hiring process:

  1. Sensitive information

Often employees are required to handle sensitive information, such as a customer’s personal information and financial data. Companies should know if their employees are high-risk individuals who may potentially steal customer data or share it with criminal organizations. Employers want to make sure their employees don’t make problems with abusing confidential this information.

  1. Rules and regulations

In some industries, companies are required by law to request police background checks from potential employees. For example, cannabis stores need to conduct police background checks on all their staff.

  1. Valuable assets

Many retailers have valuable assets on their properties. Employers need to make sure that these resources are protected.

  1. Workplace safety

Companies want to create a healthy and safe environment for their employees and stakeholders. That is why asking for a criminal record check before hiring someone is an important step in reducing workplace incidents.

Some online companies have started to streamline and expedite the police background check process in Canada. Candidates do not need to go in person to the police station and wait a couple of weeks to receive their background check. ONTAB Verify is a company in Toronto, Canada that provides a fully automated service with results within 15 minutes. Click here for more information.